Collective Action Coalition

Achieving Powerful Outcomes for Marginalized Communities

In June 2018, the cofounders of NCC in collaboration with Rafiq Kalam Id-Din founder of Ember Charter School for Mindful Education, Innovation and Transformation, Darryl Cobb of the Charter Growth Fund, and Tenicka Boyd of the Democrats for Education Reform created the Collective Action Coalition—a national network of hundreds of charter school leaders of color who reflect the diversity, challenges and experiences of the students we serve.  

What the education system holistically views as barriers — our school leaders see as opportunities. We see the potential in the most underserved populations, because of our lived experiences, focus on our communities and fierce commitment to changing the destiny for the most marginalized. By supporting and catalyzing charter school leaders of color, we will facilitate their capacity to liberate marginalized students’ ability to pursue thriving, productive lives. 

Strategic Priorities

The focus of the Collective Action Coalition is to execute an action-agenda designed to engage a national collaborative of school leaders in advancing three strategic priorities which we’ll begin work on in 2019.


Develop Leader Talent

Our leaders often lack bench depth of talent that is necessary to reinforce the sustainability of their schools. We will identify resources to support current leaders and cultivate a talent pipeline to lead schools in marginalized communities.

We will create a high-quality leadership development initiative and talent pipeline designed to anchor a recruitment, growth and retention ecosystem to reinforce leader capacity and sustainability.


Codify Models of Excellence

Our leaders have created whole school and program models that address the needs of marginalized populations. We will document the models of success and identify opportunities for scale.  

We will codify our models of excellence and promise, and create a framework for a student success model aligned to our target population and reflective of high-performing academic and holistic measures. 


Spur School Expansion and Growth

Our leaders a re eager to scale their models to serve a broader population of students. We will enable leaders of color to both expand existing schools and launch new schools.  

We will expand existing and launch of new start charters led by people of color.

Steering Committee

These school leaders volunteered four months of their time to participate in the development of the National Action Agenda.

Leader Position School City State
Richardean Anderson Superintendent Fulton Leadership Academy Atlanta GA
Daniela Anello Head of School DC Bilingual Public Charter School Washington DC
LaKendra Butler Founder STRIVE Collegiate Academy Nashville TN
Shandrea Daniel Principal Magnolia Science Academy Carson CA
Duta Flying Earth Head of School Native American Community Academy Albuquerque NM
Nicole Garcia Head of School Storefront Academy Bronx NY
Shawn Hardnett Founder and CEO Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys Washington DC
Rafiq Kalam Id-Din Founder and Managing Partner Ember Charter School for Mindful Education, Innovation and Transformation Brooklyn NY
Jonathan Johnson Founder and CEO Rooted School New Orleans LA
Dominique Lee Founder BRICK Newark NJ
Katrina Mallory Founder Stone Preparatory Academy Decatur GA
Yvette Munroe Founder and CEO Institute for Development of Young Leaders Durham NC
Esther Perez Executive Director Valiente College Prep School Southgate CA
Jennifer Porter Smith Executive Director Nap Ford and Legends Academy Orlando FL
Jack Pannell Executive Director Baltimore Collegiate School Baltimore MD
Tony Simmons Executive Director High School for the Recording Arts Minneapolis MN
Elaine Swafford Executive Director Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Chattanooga TN
Shantelle Wright Founder and CEO Achievement Prep Washington DC