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A Network for Charter School Leaders of Color

Fellowship and Advocacy

Helping leaders build the best schools reflective of the communities they serve.

A Network For You

The National Charter Collaborative (NCC) supports single-site charter school leaders of color whose schools reflect the hopes and dreams of their students and cultural fabric of their communities.
Charter school leaders of color are a critical, yet overlooked, collective representing an estimated one-fourth of charter schools impacting over 335,000 students across the U.S.
Our Leaders

Caring for Students

Charter leaders of color are valuable and necessary contributors to building a healthy, diverse and dynamic charter sector designed to serve the needs of marginalized students.

Our vision

In Community

In 10 years, we will see a power shift in the education ecosystem that centers and values voices of color, new models of success rooted in student aspirations, and exponential growth of high quality charter schools led by leaders of color that enables limitless choice within marginalized communities.

Our Mission

Is Education

As the only nationwide network of charter school leaders of color, the National Charter Collaborative catalyzes the power of the collective to celebrate, connect, and support leaders as community experts to create and sustain quality schools that reflect the cultural fabric of our communities.

Our Unparalleled Database Begins To Tell The Story…

  • Over 500 Single-site schools led by leaders of color

    We continue to build our database of single-site charter schools led by leaders of color

  • Over 335,000 Students

    Our identified single-site charter schools led by leaders of color educate over 135,000 students

  • Leader Demographics

    72% Leaders are Black, 20% Latino, 6% Asian and 1% Middle East/North Africa

  • 74% Students are Black or Latino

    41% Black and 33% Latino

How We Help School Leaders

We know how hard it is to run a school and simultaneously stay connected to opportunities to bring resources to create a high-performing school.  The challenge can be even higher for leaders of color who may not have access to key networks.

We started the National Charter Collaborative specifically to build a community of leaders of color with the goal of supporting the success of your school and you, as a valuable, impactful leader.

Peer-to-Peer Network

Online and face-to-face opportunities for collaboration and sharing best practices

Access to expertise, resources and demonstration models


Host solutions workshops to provide professional development and pair experts and school service providers with leaders of color to address high-need areas


Two-year school and leadership development program for qualifying members

Fellows collaborate on scalable solution to common problem


A national advocacy agenda designed to engage a national collaborative of school leaders in advancing leadership talent development, codifying models of excellence and promise, and spurring school expansion and growth.


Join our peer to peer online community, offered to single-site charter school leaders of color.
It’s a private space where you’ll connect with other leaders, share best practices, get access to resources, read great articles, get webinars, be first to register for NCC workshops and much more.