Who We Are

We are an organization that acts as the bridge between single-site charter schools leaders of color and the resources/funding they need to continue serving students. We provide community, consulting, leadership development and access to education equity stakeholders.

Our Team

Ashley Johnson-Antoine, an esteemed figure in education, brings more than 16 years of visionary leadership, revolutionizing learning paradigms. As a trailblazing educator, she spearheads innovative curriculum developments, champions student-centric approaches, and empowers educators with transformative pedagogies. Ashley’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments and leveraging cutting-edge technologies has impacted the educational trajectories of black and brown students. Recognized for transformative leadership and advocacy for culturally responsive pedagogy, she combines practical experience with advanced studies in Educational Leadership. Beyond her role in esteemed educational institutions and nonprofits, Ashley actively engages in community initiatives, fostering respect, empathy, and openness. Her numerous accolades reflect her outstanding contributions, but her true success lies in the transformative impact on students’ lives and the educational landscape. Ashley continues to guide and inspire educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to build educational environments that honor diversity and empower all learners to thrive.

Ashley Johnson-Antoine

Ashley Johnson-Antoine

Rashaun Kemp

Rashaun Kemp

Senior Director of Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

Rashaun Kemp joined the NCC team as Senior Director of Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement in 2022. A multifaceted advocate, Rashaun brings extensive expertise in educational leadership and classroom experience, having served as a teacher, principal, state education agency leader, and advocate. Prior to joining NCC, he served as the inaugural Executive Director of the Freedom Coalition of Charter Schools and held the position of Senior Vice President at the Georgia Charter Schools Association. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Rashaun earned his B.A. in Political Science from Wright State University and a master’s in educational leadership from Capella University. With a background that includes leading the Ohio Department of Education’s charter school office and spearheading advocacy efforts at the Georgia Charter Schools Association, Rashaun is a seasoned professional based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Naomi N. Shelton, with over 15 years of management, advocacy, and communications expertise, is the CEO of the National Charter Collaborative (NCC), a non-profit dedicated to enhancing diversity and performance in the nation’s charter school sector. Leading a network of over 450 charter school leaders of color across 25 states and DC, Shelton focuses on supporting the success of single-site schools.


Prior to NCC, she served as the inaugural Director of Community Engagement at the KIPP Foundation and as the inaugural Director of K-12 Advocacy for UNCF, where she deepened her appreciation for education leaders of color. In this role, she led national and local engagement efforts to advocate for Black students’ college and career readiness.


Shelton’s versatile expertise includes crisis support, project management, and public relations for private, public, and non-profit organizations. Her background includes roles in Washington, DC’s Executive Office of the Mayor during Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s administration. Additionally, she began her career at Xenophon Strategies, Inc., managing operational functions and providing media relations and crisis communications counsel.


A dedicated Washington, DC resident, Shelton served on the DC Public Charter School Board and is currently on the board of the Wayfinder Foundation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Tougaloo College and resides in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood of the District.

Naomi Shelton

Naomi Shelton

Chief Executive Officer

Our Board

Dr. Laura McGowan-Robinson

CEO – Diversity in leadership Institute

William Haft

Board Treasurer

Director – Tandem Learning Partners

Peggy McLeod, Ed.d.

Independent Consultant

Tania de Sa Campos

Board Chair

Independent Consultant

Ronald Rice

Board Secretary

Senior Director, Government Relations-

National Alliance For Public Charter


Daniela Anello

Board Vice Chair

Head of School –

DC Bilingual Public Charter School (DCB PCB)

Rafiq Kalam Id-Din II Esq

Co-Founder, Managing Partner –

Ember Charter School for Mindful

Education, Innovation and


Kim Smith

Co-Founder of NCC

Executive Director of the League of

Innovative Schools – Digital Promise

Trish Millines Dziko

Co-Founder of NCC

Executive Director – Technology

Access Foundation